Finally... a simple and profitable Forex trading system!


Exactly what do I get when I purchase the Forex Profit Monster System?

You receive a personal license to a fully functional version of Forex Profit Monster.  This license includes the right for your personal use as a retail trader of Forex Profit Monster on as many computers as you wish, but the license is limited for use with one brokerage account.  Retail traders with seperate "live" and "demo" accounts can get two sets of files, one for each account.  (Industrial/Commercial users will have to purchase additional licenses for each trader at a discount.  Email me your requirements for a price quote).  This license will never expire and there will never be any future charges for you to be able to use Forex Profit Monster.

You'll get all of the custom indicators coded for your account along with pre-made templates so that all you have to do is put the indicators in your MT4 indicators folder on your computer and attach the template to your charts and everything will set up automatically (detailed instructions on how to do this will be provided).  You will also get a 35 page User Guide with complete instructions on how to trade the system.  For those who are unfamiliar with Forex trading, you’ll get an e-book that will teach you what you need to know.  I will also provide e-books with information on the two most important things a trader needs to know… money management and trading psychology.  For those with absolutely no experience with brokers and installing a platform, I’ll provide information on how to get your data feed and charts for free and how to set it up on your computer.  Basically everything you need to know to become a successful Forex trader will be provided, along with email support for any questions you may have.

What if there are any enhancements, upgrades or other changes to the Forex Profit Monster System after I purchase it?

It’s taken me over a year to completely develop this system including coding proprietary indicators, and it’s currently the only system that I am trading on my account.  While I have complete faith that this is a superior system as it stands right now, there could be some future enhancements.  Once you purchase the system, you will be offered any enhancements or upgrades free of charge for life.  You will be contacted via email if any changes are made to Forex Profit Monster, so please be sure to use your primary email account when registering your system.

I'm not a trader and I don't have an account yet.  How do I get started?

When you order the Forex Profit Monster System, it will come with a set of indicators that will work on any MT4 account for a certain period of time so you can set everything up and start learning.  Once you get to the point in the instructions where you have your MT4 account set up and you're ready, you can email me your account number for your personally licensed version of the system.  Again, this version will never expire and you'll never have to pay another penny to use Forex Profit Monster.

My current broker doesn’t use the MT4 trading platform, do I have to switch brokers to trade Forex Profit Monster?

No, you can still trade with your current broker.  See the section in the User Guide regarding setting up a free no obligation demo account with an MT4 broker.  You can set up your charts on this demo account to generate your signals and then enter your orders on your current broker’s platform.


Is this a “manual system” or an “automated system”? 

Forex Profit Monster is only offered as a manual trading system.  It's only my opinion, but I believe turning your trading account over to a black box "EA" (Expert Advisor) designed by someone you don't know is not a smart decision.  You should always be in control of your trading decisions; the only way to do that is to trade a manual system that you completely understand.

Does Forex Profit Monster come with alarms/alerts?

Yes, it does.  The Forex Profit Monster Entry Arrows that will determine the direction of the upcoming trade will issue an audio alert along with a pop up window on the screen to tell you which currency pair(s) are setting up for a trade entry.  The Forex Profit Monster Slow Trend indicator will also issue an alert when it is crossing or about to cross the zero line.  These alerts will work on any chart that you have Forex Profit Monster attached to whether or not that is the chart you are currently viewing.  As long as your trading platform is open, you have the Forex Profit Monster attached to a chart with the alerts set to "true", and your computer speakers are turned on, you will be alerted of all impending trades!  This will allow you to do other things as long as you are within ear shot of your computer speakers.

The Forex Profit Monster Exit Arrows can also be set to alert you to any exit alarms.  These alarms will be generated whether or not you are currently in a trade.

The charts you’ve posted look great, but I’ve had problems with indicators before that “re-paint” the past history.  Do any of your indicators re-paint?

No, none of the Forex Profit Monster indicators re-calculate and "re-paint" the past.  This is a good question!  It’s easy to be tricked into thinking a system calls great entry and exit signals when an indicator changes after the fact and “re-paints” the past.  You have to be careful about this because by the time you buy a system with indicators that do re-paint and find out it will be too late!  You’ll probably have lost the money you spent on the system and maybe even some of your trading capital.  Every Forex Profit Monster indicator stays exactly the same on the chart once the candlestick closes.  The only time an indicator will change is if it’s still on the “active” candlestick.   Also, all of the Forex Profit Monster System trading decisions (except exiting at support or resistance) are designed to be made at the close of a candle.  What this means is that you can back test the Forex Profit Monster System with confidence, knowing that what you see in the past history of a chart was what you saw when the chart was current.


What is the winning percentage of Forex Profit Monster?

I personally have over a 66% win rate using Forex Profit Monster, but the answer to the question depends on the currency pair and time frame you are trading; and whether a pair is in a trend or is ranging.  The winning percentage can vary widely anywhere from 25% to 90%.  However, Forex Profit Monster is a trend following system and therefore can be extremely profitable in the long run, even with a “losing” (less than 50%) winning percentage.  Your winners will be MUCH larger than your losers, so even though there may be more losing trades, you will still profit.  Be careful about placing too much emphasis on the winning percentage of a system.  Most systems claiming high winning percentages are built around Martingale progressions or ridiculous Risk/Reward ratios (a profit of 10 pips with a 200 pip stop loss).  What these system sellers don’t tell you before you buy is that your winners will be small, and the few losers you have will be very large… sometimes large enough to wipe out your entire account.  A trend following system is the best type of system to generate profits reliably and consistently if you are willing to follow the rules.  Do a Google search on “Turtle traders” or “Richard Dennis trading bet” and read through some of the results.  If you still don’t believe that trend following systems are the best, get a copy of the book by Curtis M. Faith called “Way of the Turtle”.  It is an excellent book by the most successful trader of the original Turtle trading experiment from the 1980s that will make you a believer.  What is more important than winning percentage is your money management and your ability to stick to the rules (trading psychology).  Please read the information I’ve provided with the system about money management and psychology. Using this information together with the Forex Profit Monster System will greatly increase your chance of success!

Do you provide support for the Forex Profit Monster System?

Yes, I do provide email support for the life of the registered user, and will even be happy to answer any questions you may have before you buy; but please read through these FAQ’s first to see if you find your answer here.  If not, you may email your question to me through the "Contact" page on this website or through the information provided in the User Guide.  If you do email me a question remember that I’m a trader first and it may take me a little while to get back to you.  I try my best to answer all inquiries within 24 hours during the business week.  Also, I will only answer questions regarding the Forex Profit Monster System… I will not give out any specific trading advice besides the information I provide  in the User Guide that comes with the system.

If Forex Profit Monster is such a great system, why are you selling it instead of just trading it yourself?

First, I do trade the system myself.  I am a trader first and system designer second, unlike most other system sellers.  While others are busy giving you false promises that you’ll become a millionaire overnight with their system, I’m offering you a realistic and profitable way to trade Forex that I use on my own account.  Forex Profit Monster is my own system and it’s the only system that I trade.  It’s taken me more than a year to develop after spending more money than I care to admit learning to trade Forex.  I’ve bought tons of Forex information online;  I’ve also bought hundreds of dollars of books and DVD’s offline and taken several Forex trading courses.  All of this time and money was worth it, because it all led up to the development of Forex Profit Monster.  I know it sounds like a line, but if I can put a few extra dollars into my trading account while helping someone else reduce their expenses and learning timeline, why not?

Trading is a “zero sum” game.  Won’t selling a lot of copies of Forex Profit Monster reduce its effectiveness?

No, absolutely not.  Too much money is moved through the Forex market every day (over 2.5 TRILLION dollars) for it to be manipulated.  Unlike the other markets, it’s virtually impossible for any one entity or system to “move the market” in Forex, even the largest institutional traders.  It’s the largest most liquid market in the world.

Are there any restrictions to using Forex Profit Monster?

You are purchasing Forex Profit Monster for your own personal use as a retail trader.  (Multiple versions are available to commercial entities at a discount).  You may personally use it on as many computers as you wish, however it is not to be used by anyone other than you.  The Forex Profit Monster System and its indicators are copyrighted, and will be coded for use on your brokerage account.  I understand that sometimes traders change brokers and your lifetime support will cover any recoding of the indicators needed for an account change.  However, I do reserve the right to limit the number of times I will perform this service.  If I feel this service is being abused, I will require an additional license be purchased at a discount of the current price.  This is only to be sure that the user is not abusing this service to distribute pirated copies of Forex Profit Monster.  Forex Profit Monster is a copyrighted system, and any resale or free redistribution in whole or part without consent is punishable by law.  I will pursue legal action against anyone found violating the copyrights.

Does my purchase of Forex Profit Monster entitle me to the MQL source code of the indicators?

No, you will be receiving compiled versions of the indicators.  While some of the indicators were originally in the public domain, the source code of these indicators has been adapted and re-written by me to work especially for the Forex Profit Monster System, and it will not be given out with the purchase of the system.  That information is proprietary and the compiled versions of the indicators are all you need to use the system successfully.

Do you offer any Forex trading signals that I can subscribe to?

No, and you shouldn’t subscribe to any trading signal service.  It’s better to learn how to do this for yourself.  You know the saying… "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime."  You can learn how to “fish” the Forex market on your own and easily generate very profitable signals by using the Forex Profit Monster System.

Will you guarantee my success with Forex Profit Monster?

I wish I could, but I can’t.  I can promise you that you are buying a well designed trading system, but only you can guarantee your success.  This is not just a way for me to "weasel" out of my claims.  I can't guarantee your ability to use the system as it's laid out for you.  Studies have shown that you can give 10 traders the same system with the same instructions and only 1 or 2 of them will be successful while 8 or 9 of them will fail, even though they all started with the same information.  This is where the psychology of trading comes in.  Fear and greed will ruin the careers (and accounts) of most traders.  What I will tell you is that if you are persistent and follow the simple rules, Forex Profit Monster will give you an excellent chance of being one of those few profitable traders.


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